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14 December 2008 @ 06:34 pm
This pretty much sums up Bush's presidency

I've gone and spent about 500 dollars shopping for clothes in  the last 4 months.  I love to shop.
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12 November 2008 @ 10:56 pm
   Top Chef NYC!!!   And so again the new season is on and I become inspired to become a cook all over again.  And I really can't wait to see all the places they hit up in NYC.  I'm quite excited.  There is so much animosity already between the contestants.Speaking of food, I just discovered the Oyster Bar which is hidden in the underground world of restaurants and stores under Grand Central that i never knew existed before.  I really thought I knew the city pretty well and I couldn't believe  that such a place was kept hidden from me.
   Anywaysss back to my 'coffee and tv''...  Sunny so far this season has been HILARIOUS.   I saw my first episode of the Office (I don't watch much tv that is why) and I laughed a lot.  Chelsea Lately- omg Miss Handler is hilarious and has no limits.  I thought Sara Silverman was bad when I saw her last month, but I think Chelsea is going to be even more insane when I see her in January.  Solely because she is holding back on the tv show some of her really offensive material. 
   And so the really only other addicting show worth anything would be Nip/Tuck, and I can't wait until January for that to start. 
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23 October 2008 @ 01:21 am
So I am reading this book on the train after work when something startling happens.  The book is this kind of scary thriller that I can't put down.  So I am sitting there fully wrapped up with what is happening in the story, and I'm reading this line where the woman is going to see a doctor for her problems. And just as i come to the name of the doctor, the woman sitting next to me says the same name to whoever she was talking with on the phone. Dr Flynn.  I was instantly stunned and just froze for a few seconds.  My mind is all into the story and something freaky like this woudl fit perfectly along with the book.  So I got nervous for a split second before I came to my senses that it was just a coincidence.  Just a little  .00003% chance that she said that name based on 30,000 names in the world.  And when you throw in the unthinkable percentage of having that person sit next to you and say a person's name at that exact second,  your head starts to hurt.  So the story has a demon possessing this woman, and it somehow broke out of the book to say hello to me.  
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21 October 2008 @ 10:26 pm
So who's the random anonymous person who keeps leaving practically the same comment on one of my entries?

And who else loves free coffee and croissants in the morning on the way to work?!
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30 September 2008 @ 11:32 pm
Today I actually pushed someone who aggravated me so much while walking.  I do a pretty bang up job when it comes to maneuvering around bad walkers.  but today I was just casually walking and i have this lame guy in front of me.  and what did it was that he decided to randomly stop and be a wiseguy and get in a picture that a tourist was taking.  So he stops dead in his tracks in front of me and I just put my hands out to keep from smacking face first into him, and I just gave a little push and said " come on what the hell?"  

Oh and on the train, I saw this man with a bald spot on top... And he actually used that spray cover up.  It was so funny because it was a blue green color and looked like lint and it was peeling off in spots.  People just need to accept the way they are.  Or wear a hat.
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27 September 2008 @ 03:13 am
Dinosaur jr. totally rocked and were amazing tonight.  I was totally blown away when they covered the Cure's 'Just Like Heaven'.  And then Built to Spill bored the heck out of me and so i left early.  And terminal 5 really is a futuristic prison
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09 September 2008 @ 11:18 pm
which are lots of things.  argh todayyyyyyyyyyy. i need to invent a time machine already. i've been meaning to make one bu have just been busy. busy missing things.
26 August 2008 @ 12:24 am

So work just gets better by the day, i am filled with jubilance.  Today we got ice cream after lunch and after work got tix for baseballlll, right behind home plate.  But only me and the secretary went. everyone else was busy. but it's all good.  

Fishing this weekend was amazing.  Went down to the beach with a friend, and then met up later on the boat with everyone else.  And we caught a gazillion fish.  I took a cooler full of fish back home.  Sunday I cooked 1/3 of it at a dinner party that fed 10 of us.  And it was superbbbbbbb.  I made a few different marinades for the fish and they were all quite delicious.  Everyone kept commenting on how good it was  :)    

Oh  and like what is the deal with closing a lane of traffic on Broadway, and putting potted plants, tables and chairs for people to sit at?  You can't talk very easily to someone when there are cars zooming by right on the other side of a plant.  It seems pretty stupid, but it does look cool.   oh the fashion district.....  gotta love it
almost as much as piano playing in bryant park.

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15 August 2008 @ 05:22 am
omfg!!  last night was incredible.  So we go and get in on the VIP guest list for the Indie Music World Series event at the Crash Mansion.  Then head on downstairs and its free food and open fucking bar for us!  That was pretty awesome.  The bands were pretty good and Status Green kicked ass of course.  Ran into some other peeps i haven't seen in a while.  then we head out.  then some other stuff.   good friggin night.  and now i have to get go to work. lame. ciao 
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12 August 2008 @ 11:50 pm
      City working is pretty sweet.  Always lots to to and peopeel to hang out with after work.  And the work is very enjoyable and the people in the office are flat out amazing and friendly.    I love the jazz that is playing in Bryant Park during lunch time.  It's just pretty much all good.  ohh and Thursday i got on the guest list at Crash Mansion to see Status Green and others compete for something.  Can't wait to see that! 
   The only bad thing about working now during the day, is no more day yanks games for me.  Unless i call in sick....  
Now i gotsta find a closer place to live
31 July 2008 @ 02:48 pm
2 yanks games in 2 weeks + lots of jameson and beer = FUN FUN FUN.  I'm keeping this post short cuz I gotta catch a train soon to 'boken to see Status Green.  It will be a fabulous night.  Anyways, I start my new job Monday and I am a bit nervous/excited about it.  I've got a bunch of shows to go to already that I can just hop on a train after work and I am there in a jiffy.  Let's see what else i've done lately.. visited the fam, couple other shows,beach a few times, planted some trees,this and that, and hopscotch and such
27 June 2008 @ 12:54 pm
Last night a bunch of us had the most extravagant dinner party!  Went all out with a 6 course meal.  We dressed up and had a different wine for each course.  A particular wine can either hurt or compliment the dish.  This was absolutely was the best dinner of my life.  To be honest though, I think we all watch Top Chef to much because we all want to be chefs now.   Afterwords I had a few people come with me to watch the little firework display in town.  Just laying out on a blanket in a pretty empty field,  just looking up at them... it was such a nice night.    Now it is time to get a sunburn.
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13 June 2008 @ 04:06 am
With the exception of a few people, no one ever reads what I write here.  But whatever, its fun to look back at old posts and see what was happening in my life so I don't forget. and so...
love the mass pike

Summer has been quite good to me so far.  Made new friends that are pretty awesome.  I've gone to a bunch of shows already and still have many more to go. Rilo Kiley, jack white and co, status green,death in the park,kate walsh,etc.  I'm just relaxing, well not relaxing really since I am out late every single night.  But relaxing in the sense of living life the way I want to be, without giving a shit about shit that i don't care about.  This weekend entails bonfires, 40 ft watering holes, and cuddling with cats in bed.  these kitties here are nice and cute, reminds me of Tonio who is super friendly and cuddly as well. When I get my own place ( which is extremely soon it looks like, possibly in manhattan!) i think i may get a kitty of my own.  I would love to get a puppy.  But if I work during the day, no one can take care of the pup.  And if i am living in a city environment, I have no where close to let the dog out and run.  It wouldn't be fair to the dog to live in a city.  So it would have to be a cat.   

Ok.  When I get home Sunday, I will be getting something done I have been wanting to get done for quite some time now.  The rest of the week goes like this :
-little sleep
-reading when i wake up
-work on a couple days
-pool or beach the other days
-insane capture the flag games and scavenger hunts
-diner with friends extremely late
   -to get more cofffeeee
    -love coffee

So as nice as it is to see my family that I like most,  its sad to see my sisters have grown 3 inches every time I see them next.  6 months in between seeing them sucks.  At 2 times a year, they are going to be 17 and 18 after only 10 more times I see them.  But what can I do, i'm not moving wayyyyyyyyy up here.  And I have my own life to live so I can't make visits very often.

Dear June,
    Take your time.  July can wait.  Summer is too short for you to be creeping your head around the corner.  And tell August to start holding off September.  Thanks

-Your Friend
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01 June 2008 @ 12:30 pm
Beach friday was so nice, then all night party with Status Green at the Surf Club right on the beach.  I was so glad to finally see them live. And what a bunch of nice guys too to hang out with.  It was absolutely an amazing day!!!!   =)  And then the next day was not so bad either. A little overcast followed by fun thunderstorms, while with friends out under the porch roof, while having a great time, was all pretty sweet.  (Yes that is a classic example of a run on sentence.)  And then at night I went to see the Raconteurs.  Jack White just blows me away with his fancy guitar work, as usual.  I'd have to say that summer has officiallystarted.

(Why do some southern people speak in an anastrophe? It really bothers me)
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